Looking for two volunteers, who wants to live at Greenland

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Greenland
Contact person: Vibe Grønfeldt
Coordinating organisation: AFS Interkultur
Host: Campus Kujalleq: http://www.greenland.com/en/destinations/south-greenland/qaqortoq/
Location: Qaqortoq, Greenland
Deadline: 31/03/2016
Start: 01/08/2016
End: 29/07/2017

We would like to welcome two brave and mature EVS volunteers to spend 12 months in Qaqortoq I south Greenland.
The volunteers will get a unique firsthand experience with the beautiful nature and culture in Greenland. It is expected that the volunteers are motivated to learn how to speak Danish (perhaps even Greenlandic). The work will be a combination of social field, social medias, coordination, networking and giving speeches about intercultural perspectives. All tasks are divided between Campus Kujalleq and AFS Interkultur.

Campus Kujalleq is a high school based in the city Qaqortoq in the Southern part of Greenland. The school has 400 students, most of them between 15 and 20 years of age. For students who are not from Qaqortoq, there's the possibility of using the school's houses for accomodation. In these houses the students eat, do their homework and spend time with their friends after school. The EVS volunteers will be involved with activities related to this.
We are making a big effort to make the school a nice place to study and live. We have a student cafeteria for the older students where they eat in the evenings. There is a place to read newspapers and use computers at night and on weekends. Our music room and fitness room can be used on weekends by appointment with the students who have keys to the room. The students can borrow canoes and kayaks for a trip on the lake in the summer time (June-August) and in winter time you can borrow skates and skis.
Besides from working at Campus Kujalleq, the volunteers will also have tasks related to AFS Interkultur's work at Greenland. AFS Interkultur is part of an international non-profit exhange organisation, it is based in Copenhagen. In Qaqortoq AFS has a local chapter of experienced volunteers, who will be of great support for the EVS volunteers. AFS is accredited as hosting, coordinating and sending organisation.

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