The Preparatory Team of the ChapEx 2024 will ensure the overall management of the event and each member will have a separate area of responsibility. During the exchange the Prep Team will have to ensure the overall decision-making and communication among the teams, coordinate & support when needed the two other volunteer teams (Support and Trainers), helping with logistics and content.

The Team will consist of 5 members, representing 5 AFS organisations involved, gender, age, experience and competencies. 

The Team will be supported by a Support Team and a Trainers Team. Separate open calls will be issued to recruit for these roles.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Trainers selection (with Prep Team)
  • Support Camp Coordinator with programme planning
  • Team-building of Trainers Team (incl. Prep Days)
  • Support Trainers before and during ChapEx
  • Define general objectives of training sessions, collect and feedback training sessions
  • Workshop-related logistics (e.g.: list of materials)
  • Coordinate joint activities of Trainers and Support Teams with their Coordinator 
  • Trainers meetings and evaluation


  • Be an active AFS Volunteer of AFS Denmark, AFS France, AFS Norway, AFS Iceland or AFS Serbia
  • Have a background and/or interest in training and team coordination 
  • Should have training experience (national and/or EPOT)
  • Facilitation, and feedback giving skills
  • Ideally the Trainers Coordinator should have been a Trainer at EFIL events in the past


  • Agree on the general concept, programme and timeline for project preparation, implementation and follow-up, also based on the evaluation of the previous editions;
  • Ensure that the overall shape of the exchange reflects the expectations and needs of the AFS Partners and of the ChapEx participants;
  • Recruit and coach volunteers for the Support and Trainers Team, making sure that all the volunteers involved work as one Team;
  • Contribute to the decisions regarding logistics arrangements and coordinate preparations with the Support Team;
  • Organise the Preparation days for the Support and Trainers Teams;
  • Contribute to the preparation of Plenary sessions 


Working remotely – preparation and follow-up. The Preparatory Team is expected to co-operate mainly through long-distance communication tools (Slack, Zoom, e-mail, phone, etc.) during the months leading up to the event and including a necessary follow-up stage after the exchange. The Team will work according to a working schedule agreed upon among the Team members. Being a part of the Prep Team requires a considerable time commitment, especially in the last two months before the event. Be mindful of this when making the decision to apply!

Presence at the event. The Prep Team is required to be present for the whole duration of the event, including prep days before the arrival of participants and evaluation day(s) after the end of the exchange. The exact event days will be agreed on among the Prep Team members.

Cost. All justified costs related to the Preparatory Teamwork and their participation in the event will be covered from the project budget.


Chap-Ex 2024

ChapEx is a volunteer-led initiative funded by Erasmus+. ChapEx stands for chapter exchange – in this case not just for volunteers of one chapter of AFS organization in one country, but for all volunteers of all chapters of that country. It is important to give this learning opportunity to everyone, and to respect differences that one country can offer.

AFS Iceland, AFS Denmark, AFS Interkultura Serbia and AFS Vivre Sans Frontiere Pays de Savoie have already organized two Chapter Exchanges in 2022, one in Serbia and one in Iceland, with 40 active participants. During these exchanges volunteers had an opportunity to meet, exchange experiences, learn about new topics, express ideas, new perspectives, organize following projects and become closer to each other. Many of them work and cooperate together even today. 

After seeing volunteers so connected, motivated and engaged in their AFS activities after the first two ChapEx’es, core volunteers decided it would be great to expand this experience, and give a new learning opportunity to their fellow volunteers. Edition 2024 welcomes AFS Norway in the team and a new exchange this year – in Denmark. 

Since this is a completely volunteer to volunteer organized activity – upon forming of the prep team, it will be decided the topic and the form of this activity. 

All applications should be submitted by filling out the online application form by Friday, 13 April 2024 (23:59 CET). 

All questions related to the call and the ChapEx itself can be referred to [email protected]