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Vær obs på, at der kan være krav på karantæne i Thailand. Dette projekt tilbydes i samarbejde med organisationen GVI og nedenfor kan du læse deres beskrivelse af programmet:


Its natural beauty and unique land and marine life are two of the main reasons thousands of tourists visit Thailand each year. The region of Phang Nga, specifically, has developed a reputation for dramatic beauty among movie-makers. The area is known for its limestone cliffs that rise suddenly out of the warm, azure-blue waters. Visitors come to the area to relax on its many beaches, dive to see coral reefs and endangered Green sea turtles, and visit the nearby islands, some of which are home to critically endangered species.

However, Thailand’s natural environment, specifically its coastal regions, beaches and islands, are under threat. Plastic pollution threatens its wildlife species including Green sea turtles, whales, and other species, resorts built too close to the shoreline cause beaches to erode, unsustainable fishing practices and climate change are a threat to coral reefs, illegal logging causes deforestation, and kidnapping and poaching put key species at risk. These environmental threats negatively affect Thailand’s economic development as tourism is an important source of income for the country.

Conservation projects involve working at our partner turtle research and conservation center

  • Assist with animal husbandry, enclosure enrichment studies, morphological studies and enclosure cleaning and maintenance.
  • Be involved in biodiversity and camera trapping surveys on nearby naturally pristine and barely habited islands.
  • Be involved in regular beach cleans, bird surveys and teaching environmental education classes, along with other environmental awareness initiatives in the local community.
  • Learn different survey methods and have the opportunity to put some of them into practice.

From November to April, you may also be involved in coral reef monitoring – snorkeling takes place once a week.

You may also get the opportunity to take part in special events with our partners, like mangrove planting or summer camps at the schools.

Many conservation activities can be affected by adverse weather or the schedule of partner organisations, so sometimes there will be changes to the schedule at the last minute.


HER kan du læse mere om ansøgningsprocessen, din interkulturelle forberedelse, hvilke kompetencer du får, rejsebreve fra vores deltagere,  aktuelle tilbud, hvordan du mixer dit eget program og meget mere.


  • Programtype
    • Volunteering
  • Sted
  • Program for individuelle eller grupper
  • Program highlights
    • Experience a unique adventure on this well-rounded expedition
    • Your expedition base is perfect for further travel in Asia before or after volunteering; visit “James Bond island”,

Hvad er inkluderet i programmet

  • Indkvarteringsform
  • 24/7 nødkontakt
  • Måltider
  • Hjælp til ansøgningsprocessen
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Løbende støtte og support
  • Orientering før afrejsen
  • Orienteringer undervejs i opholdet
  • Orientering efter hjemkomsten
  • Du bliver en del af hele AFS netværket
  • Verdensomspændende organisation
  • 70 års erfaring
  • Afhentning i lufthavnen
  • Hjælp til visumansøgning
  • Fuld sygeforsikring

Hvad skal du selv sørge for?

  • International transport (fly)
  • Visum og pas gebyrer
  • Vaccinationer