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Disse to programmer tilbydes i samarbejde med organisationen Infinite Horizons og nedenfor kan du læse deres beskrivelse af programmerne: 

Project ONE – Working with Rescued Wildlife

This project is working with Singapore’s pioneer wild animal rescue center. This charity was founded in 2001 with the aim of advocating an end to animal cruelty in Asia, and is also registered as an International NGO. It has six focus areas: Tackling Wildlife Crime, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Addressing Zoo Animal Welfare, Humane Education, Community Outreach and Promoting Cruelty-Free Living.

Volunteer Activities:

Guardians Duties
Assist in animal care duties e.g. preparing food, cleaning enclosures and providing animal enrichment. Assist in daily operations and maintenance of the center e.g. giving guided tours to visitors.


Get involved in gardening and maintenance activities, e.g. tending to the organic garden and pond, trimming grass and weeding as well as as well as tidying the center shop, store room and volunteer house.


Perform admin tasks, e.g. send greetings to monthly donors, type petition letters and make badges for merchandise sales.

Monitor Captive Animal Welfare

Assist the center team in conducting observations of the welfare of captive animals in zoos and marine parks.

Promote Cruelty-Free Living

Research into “cruelty-free” products in Singapore e.g. write to companies asking about animal-testing policies, to supermarkets/shops asking them to stock cruelty-free/more humane products (e.g. free-range eggs).

Investigate Wildlife Trade

Research into the illegal wildlife trade, study how to eliminate the sale of illegal animals / animal products, how to collaborate with TCM community on the elimination of the use of wild animals in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Spread Education

Deliver our education programs to schools-participating in skits, assisting in educational activities, talks, school visits to the center, etc.

Support Events/Fundraising/Road shows

Assisting at the center road shows with outreach, education and fundraising. Providing manpower and/or logistical support for center events. Also help with the center fundraising campaigns (placement and collection of donation tins etc).


Specialized skills/professional expertise e,g design, IT, legal, veterinary etc. These are also needed.

Project TWO – Working with Disabled Adults

This projects works with The Home which was founded in 1957 with the aim of providing a “home” for the care of seriously disabled people who have limited or no financial means of support and whose families, if any, are unable to provide adequate care.

It runs a Residential Home with a capacity for 66 Residents and 34 Day Care Clients who are the physically disabled of both sexes and any races or creed. They provide a rehabilitation programme to enable the physically disabled to achieve their optimum level of independence. They receive nursing care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, training in daily living skills, handicraft, computer practices as well as social and recreational activities.

  1. Guide and help in handicraft making.
  2. Tutoring (English / Mathematics / Basic Computer skills)
  3. Feed the adults.
  4. Organizing events, e.g. hydroponic farm visits
  5. Support activities, e.g. Moviemania, Food Talks.
  6. Accompanying residents and Day Care clients at nature parks.
  7. Others:

If you have other skills, or qualified, sharing experience and knowledge in your field of expertise, such as IT, photography, graphic design etc, these will be warmly welcomed at the home.


  • Programtype
    • Volunteering
  • Sted
  • Program for individuelle eller grupper

Hvad er inkluderet i programmet

  • Indkvarteringsform
  • Indkvartering i værtsfamilie
  • 24/7 nødkontakt
  • Hjælp til ansøgningsprocessen
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Løbende støtte og support
  • Orientering før afrejsen
  • Orienteringer undervejs i opholdet
  • Orientering efter hjemkomsten
  • Du bliver en del af hele AFS netværket
  • Verdensomspændende organisation
  • 70 års erfaring
  • Afhentning i lufthavnen
  • Hjælp til visumansøgning
  • Fuld sygeforsikring

Hvad skal du selv sørge for?

  • International transport (fly)
  • Visum og pas gebyrer
  • Vaccinationer