AFS Interkultur is a Lead Organization in the European Solidarity Corps. We work together with some great projects and help them with the recruitment process of new volunteers.

Who can apply?
You can apply if you are between 18 and 30 years old.

You have to be a resident in one of the following countries, which are a part of the program: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland , France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, The Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

You cannot have been an ESC volunteer before for more than 59 days.

How can I apply?
On this page you can read more about the different projects, you can see which projects are actively recruiting and how to apply.

Please make sure to read the whole description of the project and about how to apply. You find the link for the online application form under each project. Each project has its own link. You can apply to as many projects as you would like.

Please do not contact the projects directly. If you have any questions about the application process or the project please forward them to [email protected]. We are in AFS handling the recruitment process.

Be aware that we do not receive applications by email. If you do send us one it will not be taken into consideration. You have to apply online.

Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter - RECRUITING NOW

The Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter is surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark. The center is placed on Strynø – a little island half an hour of sailing from Rudkøbing at Langeland. There are about 210 inhabitants on Strynø which also contains one of the most well-preserved towns of the middle ages. The Smakkecenter is placed directly at the water front, and has existed since 1993.

Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter Exhibition tells the natural and cultural history of the South Fyn Archipelago, especially of Strynø. The pivotal point of the exhibition is the sail between the many islands in the area with Smack Dinghies. The new exhibition opened spring 2016 with more details about nature and with many practical activities, e.g. “coastal safari”, “wild food” and “history in the stones”.

Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter Boatyard carry out restorations and maintain the center’s own Smack Dinghies. All our rental dinghies will come into the boatyard once every year for general maintenance. That way we make sure that all the boats are in good condition.

The boatyard also functions as working museum seeing that we work similar to the old traditional boat building craftsmanship. Visitors are very welcome to come and have a look inside – questions and exchanges of experience are welcomed. We collaborate with a German boat building college who each year sends their students to us, for them to get an insight into traditional Danish boat building craftsmanship.

We can arrange school camp /education adventures for groups of all educational levels. Our experienced instructors will happily teach about environment, nature, island culture, teambuilding, sailing, trips, outdoor life and much more. The Smakkecenter promotes nature and culture through sailing with dinghies, barges, kayaks or SUP in the archipelago.

Next to the Smakkecenter is a cosy family campsite and a big shelter.

The organisation’s OID number: E10030339

Middelaldercentret - RECRUITING NOW

The Medieval Centre is a self-containing foundation, financially supported by state and county authorities. The Centre has some 50.000 visitors p.a. The foundation of the centre states a duty to perform research in early technology and craftsmanship, and to present the results to the public.

The Medieval Centre is a non-profit institution, dedicated to the research in and educational presentation of 14th century urban culture in Denmark. Physically, the centre consists of a reconstructed medieval town, in which the educational work takes place as re-enactment by staff dressed in reconstructed clothing and houses, acting as medieval people.

The work is widely dependant on voluntary work, but has a number of regular employees. Educational work takes place from May to September every year, but research is performed the entire year round. Events at the center include knight tournaments, knight shows, trebuchets, canon and bombards, markets, midsummers eve, autumn vacation activities as well as private events.

The organisation’s OID number: E10059886


AFS Interkultur is a partner in the worldwide youth exchange organisation, American Field Service, represented in over 55 countries all over the world. AFS is a voluntary based, non-profit NGO, independent of political and religious interests. In Denmark, AFS started in 1957 and is today the oldest and largest non-profit exchange organisation in Denmark with 20 staff members, more than 30 local chapters (including Greenland and the Faroe Island) and more than 2.000 members, many of whom work as volunteers for the organisation.

In AFS, we believe that through intercultural understanding and by creating meetings across differences we create solidarity among us. We believe that by getting to know each other’s differences and by becoming aware of our own culture we can create more understanding, more sympathy and less prejudges. All of our activities take their beginning in those thoughts.

For more than 50 years, AFS Interkultur has organised exchanges between almost 50 countries of the world. We have extensive experience in intercultural learning and a network throughout the country to ensure proper support to all participants hosted in Denmark. AFS Interkultur has been involved with the European Solidarity Corps (previous EVS) programme since 1997 both as a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation.

AFS’s programmes include:

  • High school stay abroad for young people between 15-18 years (hosting and sending)
  • Programmes for people above the age of 18 spending their gap year taking one or two semesters at a college or university abroad
  • Programmes for people above the age of 18 doing voluntary work in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and Australia (hosting and sending)

The organisation’s OID number: E10021588

AFS Interkultur 18+ - RECRUITING NOW

AFS Interkultur is a partner in the worldwide youth exchange organisation, American Field Service, represented in over 55 countries all over the world. AFS is a voluntary based, non-profit NGO, independent of political and religious interests. In Denmark, AFS started in 1957 and is today the oldest and largest non-profit exchange organisation in Denmark with 20 staff members, more than 30 local chapters (including Greenland and the Faroe Island) and more than 2.000 members, many of whom work as volunteers for the organisation.

In AFS, we believe that through intercultural understanding and by creating meetings across differences we create solidarity among us. We believe that by getting to know each other’s differences and by becoming aware of our own culture we can create more understanding, more sympathy and less prejudges. All of our activities take their beginning in those thoughts.

For more than 50 years, AFS Interkultur has organised exchanges between almost 50 countries of the world. We have extensive experience in intercultural learning and a network throughout the country to ensure proper support to all participants hosted in Denmark. AFS Interkultur has been involved with the European Solidarity Corps (previous EVS) programme since 1997 both as a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation.

AFS’s programmes include:

  • High school stay abroad for young people between 15-18 years (hosting and sending)
  • Programmes for people above the age of 18 spending their gap year taking one or two semesters at a college or university abroad
  • Programmes for people above the age of 18 doing voluntary work in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and Australia (hosting and sending)

The organisation’s OID number: E10021588

Egå Ungdoms-Hojskole - RECRUITING NOW

Egå Ungdomshøjskole (EUH) is a youth folk high school, – a creative Danish school, for students between the age of 16 ½ and 19 years. The days at the school are marked by; joy and intensity, and a community that is binding, spacious, and rewarding. At EUH, we try to engage the students to influence the decisions that affect the everyday life at the school. It is central for us at EUH that the students feel the importance of being an active member and taking responsibility for the community. For the creative ones, the thoughtful ones, and for those who enjoy sports. We teach classes in subjects such as: design, music, choir, theatre, art, sports, film, photo etc. and for international students, we will in autumn terms offer lessons called ”Danish and Denmark” and hopefully more. You pick your own classes. The subjects will have classes for beginners as well as experienced, meaning the classes evolve along with you. At the school, you find a gym hall and workshops for all the classes.

The school is located approx. 12 km outside of Aarhus, in the country side, and close to the beach. We have room for 82 students in 7 student-houses. In the International house (sometimes we have two International houses), lives foreign and possible, some Danish students together and the main language will be English – in the rest of the houses the daily main language will be Danish. The teachers will translate lessons, common lessons and other information. We are a Danish Højskole (Folk High School), but because of the international students all information and lessons will be translated into English, and the daily language is a mix of Danish and English.

To learn more about Egå Ungdomshøjskole, please have a look at the web page.

The organisation’s OID number: E10184107

Kassebølle Friskole - RECRUITING NOW

Kassebølle Friskole is a 140-year-old “free school” with lots of traditions, which is located in the middle part of Langeland, fantastically placed in rural surroundings close to forest, beach, and the sea, and still only a few minutes’ drive from Rudkøbing on Langeland. Langeland is an island in the southern Funen archipelago of Denmark. It’s about 45 km long and has approximately 12,600 inhabitants.

Kassebølle Friskole has approximately 100 pupils from kindergarten class to 9th grade in the current school year. There are 8 teachers in the school.

There is also a nursery and kindergarten in the school since February 2020. There is space for up to 30 kids from 9 months to 6 years.

Kids from 0th to 5th grade can also go to the after-school day care where they are together with the kindergarten kids. There are different activities offered both inside and outside so that the pupils can relax after school.

At the school there is ample opportunity for physical activities as it is situated on a large plot with soccer field, campfire site, nature playground, sandboxes, swings, climbing tower, shelter and much more. There is also plenty of forest, thicket and lovely old crooked trees, where the children climb and make hide-outs.

Kassebølle Friskole is a “free school” based on the Grundtvig-Koldian perspective on school and life, and this means that the school does not profess to a certain ideology or a certain pedagogical principle.

The foundation, that is built up in childhood, is the foundation for every human being’s attitudes and actions throughout their lives. It is therefore one of the school’s most important tasks to confer the children with the “ability to live their lives” (livsduelighed).

Therefore, we attach particular importance to:

  • Teaching takes into account the development and abilities of each child.
  • The school is based on close contact between school and home and prioritizes shared experiences among students, parents and teachers highly.
  • There is great openness about the school’s everyday life, and parents are always welcome to attend in the classroom.
  • We have a maximum of 20 students in the classes.
  • Teaching accommodates academic as well as creative and musical subjects.
  • Singing, music and acting are part of the school’s everyday life.

For more information please look at the school’s webpage or Facebook page.

The organisation’s OID number: E10063451

Ranum Efterskole College - RECRUITING NOW

Ranum Efterskole College is situated in the north of Denmark 3 kilometers from the big inlet, Limfjorden. From the school there is a great view to Vilsted Lake which has good possibilities of canoeing etc.

The school has old beautiful buildings and good possibilities of a varied range of leisure activities. The students either complete their 9th or 10th grade at the school. The school is based on the idea that students can suggest and help to develop new subjects and courses while staying here. There is a range of subjects that is offered almost every year – sailing, diving, adventure, horseback riding, music, design, dance, media – and other subjects that have been formed along the way together with students – martial arts, street performance, hell’s kitchen and drama.

The last couple years Ranum Efterskole College has strengthened its international profile in various ways – offering a full range of IGCSE Cambridge topics to our students, making partnership agreements with schools all over the world and by travelling with our students three times a year.  As a volunteer you will be part of our international atmosphere and contribute to it.

The organisation’s OID number: E10120773

Ribe Ungdomshøjskole - RECRUITING NOW

Ungdomshøjskolen ved Ribe – The Youth Folk High School at Ribe – from here on noted as UHR – is a traditional Danish folk high school, where young people between 16 and 19 years stay to learn democracy in practice, strengthen social abilities and develop skills in subjects like sports, outdoor life, design, art, music, drama, politics, journalism, sustainability, and cooking. At classes – and everywhere else – we speak a combination of Danish and English.

As a folk high school, we operate on the main aims: life information, public information, and democratic formation.

The values of the school are open mindedness, human respect, responsibility, and community in a safe environment.

The students are her on voluntary basis for either one or two semesters, the classes are mandatory, but there are no tests or exams. Our students typically come here between primary school and youth education, to work with subjects of interest and to prepare themselves for their further education.

For our international students, and our volunteers, we have the subject Danish, where Danish language and culture is taught.

UHR is an international school, where young people from around the world come to stay. Between one third and half of our students are international. International and Danish students live together in one of our four student houses. Three of our Contact Groups are international. 

All students live at the school in double or single rooms. All students help with practical tasks, such as cleaning and kitchen duties.

All teachers live in houses around UHR, which gives a very special and safe, homely environment.

UHR is situated in the middle of the beautiful village Vester Vedsted, just 9 km south of Ribe, and right next to the wadden sea.

The organisation’s OID number: E10213884

Højskolen Snoghøj - RECRUITING NOW

The Danish folk High Scools are a unique concept and part of the non-formal educational system in Denmark. The students are primarily young adults who stay at the college during the course. Classes are based on dialogue and mutual learning between teachers and students. A stay at a folk High School is very much about intercultural awareness and personal growth.

Snoghøj is situated in the heart of Denmark, on the outskirts of historic Fredericia, Denmarks largest seaport. The school lies next to the sea in very beautiful natural surroundings. It was founded over 100 years ago and has kept pace with developments in modern education, with information technology playing an important part.

Snoghøj is a school with the emphasis on art, performance and artistic processes. All students have choir, performance and reflection processes for emphasizing the development of the self.

The school has the following primary subjects for students attending the school:

Producing Performance Artist (PPA)

Students learn to become a producing artist and this involves all the aspects of the process of making a theatre. Thus, you train being an idea maker, producer, and performer. Subjects are, for example, dramaturgydramatic writing artstage instructionscenography, and light & sound.

Read more about the PPA here!

Musical & Acting Courses

Students train and prepare for applying for the performance art schools but with a focus on the individual ambition and talent. Main subjects are solo singing, choir, drama, performance, improvisation, music theory, and reflection. All classes are taught by experienced teachers who are active in the Danish and/or international scene.

Read more about the course here!

The organisation’s OID number: E10202000

Halvorsminde Efterskole - RECRUITING NOW

Halvorsminde is a self-governing institution. We operate on grants from the Danish government and on fees from the students. Halvorsminde is a Danish Efterskole and operates under the laws of such.

Halvorsminde Efterskole og Fri Fagskole (hereafter Halvorsminde) offers a Danish way of teaching for 14-18 year-olds.

Typical of this way of teaching is that the students live at school.

Halvorsminde Efterskole og Halvor Fri Fagskole is a Grundtvigian way of teaching which means that the everyday life at school is based on openness, equality, closeness and community.

The everyday life at school focuses on both regular teaching, the teaching of crafts and creative skills, sports and movement classes.The school consists of 130 students and 30 employees, such as teachers, visiting lecturers, trainees and volunteers, all contributing to creating a unique Halvorsminde.

To learn more about Halvorsminde Efterskole, please have a look at the webpage.

The organisation’s OID number: E10228665

Eisbjerghus Internationale Efterskole - NOT RECRUITING

Eisbjerghus Internationale Efterskole is a residential school (The Danish “Efterskole”) for approximately 120 secondary students aged 15-17 years. We offer high quality education for year 9 and year 10 students in the Danish educational system who are interested in a special focus on global citizenship education, intercultural competences and languages. All students finish with exams from the Danish Ministry of Education as well as with some IGCSE exams from Cambridge Assessment International Education.

To Eisbjerghus Internationale Efterskole being an internationally oriented school means having a strong international/intercultural focus, and being engaged in many international partnerships and collaboration. Most of the students at our school are Danish, but every year we also have students from abroad, most of whom have some kind of family relation to Denmark, thus almost all students are able to speak Danish. All of our students take part in reciprocal short term exchanges with schools in other countries (China, South Korea, Spain, Hungary, India or Japan)

The academic aim is to provide high quality formal education for all the students and to help each one of them reach their full potential. Eisbjerghus Internationale Efterskole aims to educate active and responsible global, young citizens who are able to understand global issues and act on them locally and personally. To achieve this the students will be engaged in several projects in and outside of class and learn to work on project management; from idea to end product or activity.

Furthermore Eisbjerghus Internationale Efterskole tries to facilitate social interaction, reflection and learning to enable the students to contribute actively to the small and very close knit school community in which they live. The students take part in cleaning and cooking at the school as well.

For all the students it’s an active choice to spend a year at Eisbjerghus Internationale Efterskole, which means that they are highly motivated to learn and to live and take part in the social setting of the school community.

Just like the students get to know each other really well when living at the school under family-like conditions, the staff is also a small (app. 20) and well functioning group. All staff play a vital role for the wellbeing of our students.

For more information on the Danish “Efterskoler” please see HERE and about Eisbjerghus Efterskole HERE

The organisation’s OID number: E10176826


Café Utopia is a high profile café catering for the general public and operated in the same way as other cafés with the only difference that the people employed there have a mental diagnosis such as schizophrenia, manic-depression, borderline etc. The concept behind the café is the idea that the best treatment for this group of people is for them to work in a proper work place, receiving a salary and thus living a life like everybody else. In that way they can feel needed in society and gain both competences and self-esteem through meaningful work.

The café is a so called social/economic project, which means, that it is a non profitable project for people with disabilities.The café is open daily (except Sunday and Monday) from 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM, Friday to 10.30 PM and Saturday to 03.00 PM. The café is hosting different cultural activities such as concerts, art exhibitions and it also hosts minor seminars and private functions.

For the moment we have three fulltime staff members (a manager and two chefs), 20 persons on social benefit (15-25 hours pr. week), 8 persons in an employment subsidized by the government (25 hours pr. week). The staff works in different teams: waiting, cooking, cleaning or doing office work.

The organisation’s OID number: E10141559

Viden Djurs, Kalø Økologiske Landbrugsskole - NOT RECRUITING

Kalø Økologisk Landbrugsskole is Northern Europe’s oldest organic farming school. Our approximately 100 students and future farmers are instructed in domestic animal care, cultivation of plants, technical skills, social studies, economics, production and management.

The school is placed in a very beautiful Danish countryside near water, forest and cultivated fields. Personally and collectively we highly value ecology, community, development, credibility and quality in everything we do.

The students can choose to live at the school. This creates the best possible way of forming a close relationship with each other as well as with the staff. The atmosphere at the school is very informal and the placement will be great for a volunteer who is not afraid of getting his or her hands dirty from digging up vegetables or helping out taking care of the animals in the stables.

At Kalø we have an international program called ” Global Organic Farmer”. Classes of this program consists of 70% Danish and 30% foreign students from EU countries. The foreign students live at the school together with the Danish students, creating an international environment. The staff consists of: Agronomist, agricultural technologist, kitchen staff, farmer, IT, leadership, consultant, craftsman etc. In total we are about 25 people working at Kalø. Our staff is used to dealing with intercultural as well as interlinguistic differences appearing among the young people.

The school is placed 15 minutes walk from the city of Rønde (approximately 3000 citizens, various stores) next to Mols Bjerge National Park. It takes 30 minutes by bus to get to Aarhus (Denmark’s second largest city) and there are several bus lines going there.

The organisation’s OID number: E10125559

DTU (The Technical University of Denmark) - NOT RECRUITING

The Technical University of Denmark DTU is an elite, international technical university located in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. DTU is recognized internationally as a leading university in the areas of the technical and the natural sciences, renowned for our business-oriented approach, our focus on sustainability, and our amazing study environment.

At DTU, student services and administrative work are managed through the Department for Study Programmes and Student Affairs. This department administers everything from enrolment for both international and local students, to exams registration and execution, to the development of the learning environment for its students.

The department is divided into several Offices, one of which is the Office for International Education. This Office deals with sending local and international students on exchange, welcoming those coming to Denmark on exchange as well as full degree students, and arranges various orientation events for international, local and exchange students. The ESC Volunteers will be connected to this office, led by Head of Office Morten Overgaard. The Office for International Education is further divided into teams, one of which is termed International Student Services (ISS). Daily operations for the ESC Volunteers will be as a part of this team under the coordination of Sara Gollander; International Study Advisor and Daily Manager of the International Study Guidance Office (ISGO), and Trent C. Coelli; Programme Manager for Students Culture Hub. The Volunteers will be directly supervised by the Programme Manager, Trent Coelli.

The organisation’s OID number: E10209476

Ådum Idrætsbørnehave og vuggestue - NOT RECRUITING

Ådum kindergarten is located near Skjern in the western part of Jutland. (the western part of Denmark).

Ådum Kindergarten is located in the countryside area, and works closely with the local community.

Ådum Kindergarden is a sport kindergarden, which means that we focus on movement and sports for the children on daily basis. We use our big playground every day and go for walks in our local area.

In the kindergarden there are approx 60 children. 40 children in the kindergarden (age 3-6 years) and 20 children in the nursery (age 6 month-3 years)

Ådum kindergarden is located close to the fjord and the North sea, where it is possible to practice wather sports.

In the immediate area there is the opportunity to join different kinds of sports facilities, such as badminton, football, handball, fitness and swimming.

For more information about Ådum Børnehave and Vuggestue click HERE

The organisation’s OID number: E10004278

Brenderup Højskole - NOT RECRUITING

Brenderup Højskole is placed in Brenderup – a small village with a couple of groceries, schools and sport facilities. Brenderup is close to both beach and forest which often is used for activities. The type of activities depends on the season, but examples could be going to the beach for a swim or touring on the school bikes.

Brenderup Højskole is a contemporary Danish folk high school. The students are primarily between 18 and 25 years old. At Brenderup Højskole we believe that a precondition for peaceful coexistence in the world is the unbiased interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds.
Brenderup Højskole is working with sustainability as a main profile and our subjects, activities and daily life are based on the wish and work to contribute to sustainable development.

Brenderup Højskole offers an exchange of life experience, ideas and viewpoints among people from different cultures, building on responsibility to the community and respect for the individual.

As a volunteer you will be part of this unique community, and more important have the opportunity to contribute to the multicultural meeting between young people from the whole world.

Our volunteers live at the school in a separate area with single bedrooms, shared bathroom and a kitchenette with a microwave etc. All meals are provided by the school in the dining room together with the students and staff.

To learn more please look at Brenderup Højskole’s web page.

The organisation’s OID number: E10123209

Brandbjerg Højskole - NOT RECRUITING

Brandbjerg Højskole is a modern folk high school, situated in the beautiful countryside of Denmark. We offer a vibrant and supportive community that provides an environment to experience some of the most unforgettable months of your life. A stay at Brandbjerg Højskole is a unique introduction to Denmark and Danish culture and, who knows, perhaps a stepping stone to further studying in Denmark. The students meet teachers with extraordinary passion for what they do. We treasure diversity at Brandbjerg Højskole and the students experience a campus atmosphere where everyone connects across subjects, interests and backgrounds. We offer 8 main learning environments and a range of 60+ elective subjects and the students have access to film, music, sports and art facilities all day and night. The subjects include music and dance, sustainability, project management, outdoor living, personal development, politics and society, arts, skiing and sports. In addition, we have workshops, student activities and many other activities.

The Folk High Schools belong to a school tradition in Denmark that dates back more than 150 years. They were founded and based on the ideas and writings of the Danish philosopher, poet, politician and educational thinker N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) as boarding schools for young adults. The aim was – and still is – to enable ordinary people to become independent, enlightened citizens capable of participating in the forming of society.

The target group of the school is people from 18 to 99 years old. However, the mayor group of students is in between 19 and 25 years old.

Learn more about Brandbjerg Højskole here!

The organisation’s OID number: E10213119

UNiG - Gladsaxe municipality - NOT RECRUITING

Ung i Gladsaxe is also known as “UNiG” which translated into English, means “Young in Gladsaxe Community”. It is a project run by the community of Gladsaxe and involves youngsters from the age of typically between 13 – 20 Gladsaxe Community is a part of greater Copenhagen and is located approximately 8 km from Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

In Gladsaxe we’ve got six youth clubs situated in various places throughout the community. In the youth clubs there are hired and educated pedagogues, whose purpose is to make activities with the youngsters, such as playing table tennis, football, board games, going on trips, as well as making sure that the youngsters are socially in balance. 

The youth clubs secure, that all young people in the community can find a place to interact with other youngsters or talk to an adult about what’s going on in their lives.

Ung i Gladsaxe works on the basis of a community-creating and participation-oriented approach, where the focus is on creating dynamic youth environments that are based on young people’s interests and needs, provide a safe environment and motivate for active participation, commitment and responsibility. 

It is our ambition to be visible resource-persons for young people where they are – not only in existing youth clubs, but also in the local area and the city’s spaces. 

Ung i Gladsaxe is supposed to build a bridge between young people in primary and lower secondary schools, youth educations, municipal support initiatives, associations and cultural life.

Based on a basic pedagogical relationship work, we aim to work, with focus on not doing activities for young people, but to do activities with young people, as well as trying to enable them to self-organize activities and projects. “Ung til ung” is an example of a project, where youngsters work with solidarity. More specifically, the project focuses on youngsters in the local community, to be more visible for the whole city, by making events for everyone. Events for young people, elderly and people from all kind of cultures, as it is an intercultural group. These events include making and eating dinner together, going to the theatre, going to concerts etc.

In Gladsaxe municipality, we have also got the local music venue, Richter. Here there are concerts and each week. We’ve also got the cultural house, Telefonfabrikken, where you can find theatre, cultural life and much more.

To learn more about UNiG, please look at this webpage!

To learn more about the music venue, Richter, please look at this webpage!

To learn more about the culture house, Telefonfabrikken, please look at this webpage!

The organisation’s OID number: E10290358

Blåkilde Efterskole - NOT RECRUITING

We are an independent boarding school for young people between the age of 14 to 18.

At our school students can choose to spend one or two years finishing their primary education, and as a boarding school we deal with both the educational and personal development of the students. Apart from the mandatory subjects, we offer a varied range of optional subjects in the field of sport, art, music, drama and outdoor.

Moreover, we have a range of alternative subject weeks at the school, where the activities that take place are different than normal. Among others we facilitate: travel week, musical week, arts and crafts week, internship week, project week and, two weeks with midterms.

Apart from that we also host and attend various sports shows and events.

Blåkilde Efterskole is grounded on a Christian view of humanity which is the fundament of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. Blåkilde wishes to create openness and knowledge on Christianity concerning the individual student’s standpoint.

The school emphasizes, that the individual student will be challenged professionally in an environment that is build on recognition, trust, and joint responsibility.

Blåkilde Efterskole wishes to give the students the courage to engage in the school’s community through education, experiences, and action and not least engage in the society that they are part of.

Further, the school wants to encourage the students to a healthy lifestyle by offering them physical activities.

Learn more about Blåkilde Efterskole here

The organisation’s OID number: E10228688

Sankt Petri Kirke - NOT RECRUITING

Sankt Petri Kirke (church) and Sankt Petri School, two closely connected institutions in the heart of Copenhagen, are the project environment for the volunteer.
The Sankt Petri German Church is the oldest preserved church in the centre of Copenhagen. The Sankt Petri School, a German-Danish private school, is the oldest German school outside of Germany.

Both Sankt Petri School and Sankt Petri Kirke take initiative to modern church and school life, taking Danish and German culture into consideration. This makes an exciting and challenging surrounding and background for the engagement of the volunteer.

The organisation’s OID number: E10103409

Lebe und Lerne an einem einzigartigen “Folk College” in Dänemark (Non European Solidarity Corps program only for Germans)

Bist du zwischen 18 und 30 Jahre alt und hast Lust als Teil einer engen internationalen Gemeinschaft von gleichaltrigen gemeinsam zu Leben und zu Lernen? Dann könnte eines der für Dänemark einzigartigen “Folk Colleges” etwas für dich sein! In “Folk Colleges” kannst du Kurse in Bereichen wie Global Citizenship, Kultur, Kunst, Schauspiel, Musik, Sport, Filmproduktion, Design, Tanz, Nachhaltigkeit und vielem mehr belegen.

Dänische “Folk Colleges” sind besondere Orte, wo es nicht um Noten und Examen sondern kooperatives und interaktives Lernen mit vielen praktischen Workshops und Projekten geht. Neben vielen neuem Wissen und Fähigkeiten wirst du mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit viel auf persönlicher, interpersoneller und interkultureller Ebene lernen.

Zudem triffst du auf andere gleichaltrige, die alle neu in der gemeinsamen Heimat ankommen, neue Freundschaften knüpfen und gemeinsam Umfeld und Freizeit gestalten wollen. Ihr esst, schlaft, besucht eure Kurse und verbringt eure Zeit im “Folk College” gemeinsam. Mit anderen Worten, du wirst Teil einer familiären Gemeinschaft, in der ein sicherer und respektvoller Raum zur persönlichen Entwicklung geschaffen wird, in dem man neues ausprobieren, Fehler machen und so mit neuen Inspirationen Lernen kann.

An diesem Rückzugsort kannst du dich frei von alltäglichem Stress voll und ganz auf die neuen Erfahrungen konzentrieren, deine vorhandenen Talente weiterentwickeln oder komplett neue entdecken.

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