Tienkaew er i Danmark på udveksling. Hun er fra Thailand og har været i Danmark siden begyndelsen af august 2017. Her kan du læse hendes lille brev om, hvordan et udvekslingsophold kan være både fantastisk og hårdt på én og samme tid.

Time flies so fast. It has been 4 months now that I’ve been an exchange student in Denmark. The passed 4 months life here was full of all the emotions and experiences.

My first thought, I was so worried about what’s going to happen; will the people be nice to me? , Will I do something wrong to the Danish culture? But the exchange life started it proved that all those thought that I worried was completely wrong. The people are so nice and kind to me, they always help me and understand the differences of our culture. I think it was a right thing to be an exchange student.

However, life is never easy. I also faced the bad time, I was so downed at the time. I felt lonely, uninspired, everything here seemed to be hard. Luckily, I have fantastic friends and family. My friends and family raised me up again. Everything was getting better and better with them. I can think of my life at the time without them!  I really have to say ‘thank you’ to all of them; my family ( both Danish family and Thai family), my friends, the exchange students, teachers and everyone who always been by my side, helping me in every situations and supporting me in everything.

From the passed four months, I have learned lots of things, experienced many incredible thing which I had never thought of doing it (like swimming in the fjord – it’s an experiment of our school), got lots of friendships. And the most special thing which I have been waiting all my life, Christmas! Because in Thailand, we don’t celebrate Christmas so, I really want to know how the real ‘hyggelig jul’ is!

Even it’s been just four months but I know that these things will give me the best year ever, MY EXCHANGE YEAR!