Elzbieta (der bliver kaldt Ela) fra Polen er på udveksling på Færøerne. Udvekslingsstudenter, der kommer til Danmark, kan også blive placeret på Færøerne. Der er nemlig også værtsfamilier der, og hvis udvekslingsstudenten siger ja, så kommer han eller hun op til en værtsfamilie på Færøerne i stedet for Danmark.
Og på Færøerne var der en familie, der meget gerne ville have Ela boende.
Her kan du læse et par af hendes tanker, når hun bevæger sig rundt i det smukke landskab og laver observationer om både sig selv og sine omgivelser.


As soon as snow appeared behind the window, Foroes felt the Chrismas spirit and Chrismas decorations can be found in almost every faroese house. Along with that comes needlework. While I was taking out a book in the bus I noticed, that two women sitting next to me are knitting sweaters with traditional, faroese pattern. A book, that I am reading at the moment, is a reportage about Faroe. Fragment, that I was just reading, was telling a story about one of the most known families on the archipelago. What´s interesting, one of exchange students lives with that family. That made me think of how small Faroe Islands are and how I met one of the most known faroese singers working in vegetarian restaurant in the Norðurlandahúsið, local community centre.


Udvekslingsstudent på Færøerne

Foroese houses have really peculiar smell. Very strong, but I like it. The same smell had the guitar that my friend gave me. It was an old guitar of her dad’s, which lied on the faroese attic. I have never played guitar before, I always thought that it’s awesome ability to be able to play, but I’ve never been so much determinated to learn it myself. Exchange pushed me to came out from my comfort zone and do things that I always denied and was afraid to do. Playing guitar is one of those things. My goal is to by the end of my exchange be able to play song one of Faroese artists, Marius Ziska.


Ønsker du og din familie at vide mere om at være værtsfamilie?
Så kan I læse mere her.