Teresa fra Portugal er lige midt i sit udvekslingsophold, og hun har svært ved at få armene ned.  Her fortæller hun nogle af de ting, hun oplever som helt forskellige fra hendes hjem i Portugal.

I’m Teresa, I’m seventeen years old and I’m Portuguese. I am exactly in the middle of the biggest experience of my life.

Choosing Denmark was a big decision and every day I am sure that it was the right one.

After 5 months of being randomly placed one of the edges of the country I find myself living in a small village completely different of what I was used to, I can say that I am living with my second family, learning every day, sharing our cultures with a lot of fun between that. I’m trying to talk and learn this wear and mysterious language, yet with a lot of effort and difficulties, but evolving every day. I am in a completely different school of mine in Portugal, with different rules, different materials, different ways to learn the same subject, with Danish friends who make me feel like I belong to something bigger and with friends of other cultures who understand me better that anyone.

Traveling to new cities, practicing handball, living in the country side, different parties and new food, are some of the amazing things there I’m trying.

Well, everything is different and exciting, every second in this country is something there I can’t explain, it is an experience that will be in my life forever. I feel that I’m having THE experience! I feel that I am learning and leaving things that no experiences could give me.

I am experiencing a Danish life like real Danish girls, and you know what? I’m loving this!


Vil du også på dit livs eventyr, så kan du læse mere om at blive udvekslingsstudent lige her.
Hvis du og din familie har lyst til at få verden ind i jeres hjem og blive værtsfamilie for en udvekslingsstudent, kan I læse mere om det lige her.