AFS Interkultur cooperates with AFS in Sweden, Norway and Iceland so if you come from one of these Scandinavian countries, you can participate in the 18+ programmes offered by AFS in Denmark.

Cooperation between AFS organisations in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark

AFS is a big network of over 60 organisations around the world, including AFS Norway, AFS Sweden, AFS Iceland and AFS Denmark.

In order to make our work more efficient, our four Nordic organisations decided to work together when it comes to adult programmes.

As a Scandinavian, you can therefore choose any of the 18+ volunteer programmes offered on our website, and AFS Denmark can be your sending organisation!

How does it work?

Your experience will not be affected just because our office is in Copenhagen, instead of in your home country.

The main difference you will notice is that it will be easier to communicate in English. Our staff is Danish, so your language might not be our native, but we are happy to speak with you in a mix of our languages.

If you ever wish to talk to you local AFS organisation in your native language, they are of course happy to help!

Other than the language of communication, the process will be the same for you, as for any Danish participant:

  • All program descriptions on our website are in English
  • Your application is done and submitted online
  • 18+ participants book their own flights & apply for visa from their home country. We will of course give you all the necessary instructions, as we do with all our Danish participants.
  • Global Competence Certificate is an online course that will be your intercultural preparation for the prorgamme, as it is for all adult AFS participants. You will do the online modules from your home, and you will have some online sessions with our trainers from Denmark.
  • You will be able to transfer your programme fee in your own currency.

So what should you do now?

First, choose any of our volunteer programmes!

For any questions or advice, contact Bojana Ilic Eklund on [email protected].

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