Alejandro fra Colombia kom til Danmark i august 2017.
Her i december reflekterer han over, hvad han oplever, og hvilke observationer han har gjort sig. Hvorfor faldt valget lige på Danmark? Og er han stadig glad for sit valg?

Sand stuck in my feet, taste of rye bread in every meal, and an incredible non-stop sentiment of coziness somewhere inside me: that’s how I would describe being in Denmark feels like, so far. Such simple things, like how toilets look like or how people pronounce “Alejandro” every time they want to call me by my name, make my everyday in this country a big box of surprises; so unconventional that, whenever I think I have just seen it all, then it comes an even odder thing to experience.

It’s funny for me that Danes are always asking me why on Earth I would choose a country such as theirs, with this bad weather and “monotonous” landscapes. Right now, I could be in France, Italy or Austria, but I saw in Denmark something more, which I didn’t really know what it was by that time. Now, I’m glad to say that I’ve found out what it is. Beyond a very efficient government, free healthcare and education, or quite safe streets at night, there’s always kindness and welcoming spirit coming from the people, a pleasant ambiance in almost everywhere, a praiseworthy esteem for simple things in life, and of course charming Copenhagen, with its lovely architecture, and bohemian cafés, and quite wild bikers.

I was looking to confront a whole different thing from anything I already knew. I had already studied French, Italian and some German (as I am a language-learning-enthusiast), and I had also read a couple of things about most European countries, but not Scandinavia. Right now, I think I couldn’t have chosen any other country better than this one. Are you a coffee lover? Museums lover? Beer lover? Confectionery and delicatessen lover? Beach lover? Or maybe, you’re just a freedom and “hygge” seeker. If you are, then Denmark is your place. I know it because that’s basically me in a nutshell!

I am sure this experience will be very useful in a personal dimension. I like so many things, for instance reading, writing, admiring art, creating art, science-related stuff, of course traveling, or maybe just thinking about the void, and in general, learning as much as I can about everything… and I think this is what exchange is about. I’m really grateful for everything going on lately in my life. I guess right now I’m just a young guy trying to find his place in the world, and it’s so difficult when there is so much intriguing things to see everywhere. At least, right now I am convinced that here’s where I have to be, and by all means, that the best is yet to come!

With affection,

Nedenfor kan du få et lille indblik i Alejandros udvekslingsophold.

Hans værtsforældre hentede ham på Frederiksberg en mandag i august. Han går på opdagelse i krogene i byerne, og han ses med de andre udvekslingsstudenter. Og selvfølgeligfår han også oplevet nogle af de danske seværdigheder – herunder Kronborg Slot i Helsingør.

 Du kan også blive enten udvekslingsstudent eller værtsfamilie for en udvekslingsstudent.