Natalia fra Chile er på udveksling i Danmark. Hun bor hos sin værtsfamilie i Nordsjælland.
Hun har været i Danmark i cirka fire måneder. Nu nærmer julen sig, og den bringer nye oplevelser med sig…

It’s been 4 months since I arrived to Denmark and I think I’m getting used to my life here.

It’s December and Christmas is very close so you can see decorated houses and happy people everywhere. And it’s getting very cold too, today actually we had snow and I was really excited because I had never had a Christmas during the winter before since now it’s summer in Chile.

Last weekend we went with my host family to choose the Christmas tree, something I had never done because in my country we use plastic trees instead of real pine trees, so it was something new for me and it was really funny because it was difficult to find one everyone liked.

Last week I also had an AFS meeting with my local chapter to make Christmas decorations and eat some “æbleskiver”, it was quite cozy, also because some of my closest friends here in Denmark are the other exchange students, I never imagined that I would have friends from countries so different from mine and besides they speak other languages.

Now I just wait that Christmas arrives to continue learning from the Danish traditions and have a nice time with my host family.

Until now it has not been such an easy way but definitely an unforgettable experience, besides I still have many things to learn and a long way to go.

Her er Natalia sammen med sin værtsfamilie
Her er Natalia sammen med sin værtsfamilie


Natalia sammen med de andre udvekslingsstudenter fra sin lokalforening

Din familie kan også blive værtsfamilie for en udvekslingsstudent.
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