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Dette projekt tilbydes i samarbejde med AFS Kina og nedenfor kan du læse deres beskrivelse af programmet:


The teaching assistant program is designed for young adults who have completed the high school diploma equivalent or are currently registered as a university student. The program offers the participants an opportunity to experience a teaching abroad journey in China. Participants may work in a variety of educational settings including secondary schools and higher education institutes. The teaching assistant is expected to assist their supervisors who are generally the full-time teacher of a language subject (English in most cases) in classroom teaching and management, after-school tutoring, lesson plans, testing and assessment, as well as some administrative work. Meanwhile participants will have intercultural exposure through various activities and events such as orientations, cultural excursions and much more.

This teaching abroad experience offers the participants many opportunities, from learning a new language to gaining a real understanding of intercultural communication. While teaching their native languages and sharing their home cultures in a foreign educational setting, the teaching assistants may be surprised at how quickly they make lasting friendships with their Chinese students who have been brought up in a completely different cultural background from their own. The teaching job can also be rewarding in the sense that teacher assistants will get first-hand knowledge with respect to the education system, teaching approach and classroom management in China.

  1. You are expected to work as assistants with their supervisors on school administration work
  2. You will get great opportunity to run oral practice class and cultural class alone with the guidance of the supervisor;
  3. You will work approximately 15 hours per week.
  4. You will work as unpaid volunteers, though many schools do give a monthly stipend to cover the meal fee. If the school provides accommodation and meals, then there will be no stipend.
  5. AFS China will provide you with a program participation certificate

HER kan du læse mere om ansøgningsprocessen, din interkulturelle forberedelse, hvilke kompetencer du får, rejsebreve fra vores deltagere,  aktuelle tilbud, hvordan du mixer dit eget program og meget mere.


  • Programtype
    • Volunteering
  • Sted
  • Program for individuelle eller grupper
  • Program highlights
    • Enjoy school teaching life in China
    • Learn Chinese language in host school
    • Get immersed in Chinese culture
    • Get chance to have cultural excursion in China

Hvad er inkluderet i programmet

  • Indkvarteringsform
  • 24/7 nødkontakt
  • Måltider
  • Hjælp til ansøgningsprocessen
  • Global Competence Certificate
  • Løbende støtte og support
  • Orientering før afrejsen
  • Orienteringer undervejs i opholdet
  • Orientering efter hjemkomsten
  • Du bliver en del af hele AFS netværket
  • Verdensomspændende organisation
  • 70 års erfaring
  • Individual Contact Person
  • Afhentning i lufthavnen
  • Lokaltransport
  • Hjælp til visumansøgning
  • Fuld sygeforsikring
  • Community Service Placement
  • Sprogundervisning

Hvad skal du selv sørge for?

  • International transport (fly)
  • Visum og pas gebyrer
  • Vaccinationer